Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Sherlock's Parents........Sooooo Normal!!!

The thing is, I married Sherlock.

(Well, I married a milder, more caring, less sociopathic version of Sherlock.)

Different Meyers-Briggs enthusiasts have pegged Sherlock as slightly different personality types.  I say he's a textbook INTJ, like my husband.

It's an eerie thrill when I hear words in a British accent that my husband has said, in exactly the same context, in exactly the same tone of voice, for exactly the same reason.

It's a hilarious release to watch John Watson's reaction, knowing that I'm *not alone* in my dumbfounded response to cold-hearted analysis.

The best part about last night's episode?  Meeting Sherlock's parents.  :)

Sherlock's reaction to his parents was simply classic iNtuitive/Sensor interaction: the
parents talk about concrete, every-day things, with an adult child who was only interested in the world of ideas.  The parents were caring, normal, every-day people who had absolutely no clue how to interact with their abstract, mind-palace loving son.

The SJ  (Sensor/Judging) personality type makes up about 45% of the population.  The SP (Sensor/Perceiving) type is 35%.  My beloved  NT's (iNtuitive Thinkers) are only 5-10%.  That means that NTs--our question-asking, saliva-analyzing, wall-shooting abstract thinkers---are very, very likely to find themselves in households completely dominated by Sensors.

(I married one NT, and then gave birth to another.  It's never dull around here.)

Problems arise between Sensors and Intuitives, usually because one spends time judging the other.

The SJ rolls his eyes: "Dear God, get your head out of the clouds and be PRACTICAL!"
The NT snarks, "Stop boring me and think."

The difference is that I've watched my husband work very hard to learn how to communicate with the Sensors in his life, while Sherlock just shoves them out the door.  (Cause, um, I didn't marry a sociopath!!!  And I have to say, "Go Molly!")  He shows so much love and respect towards his parents, and other SJ relatives and friends.  It was just hilarious to see the NT/SJ interaction in its unrefined state.

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