Wednesday, January 22, 2014

INTJ Parenting

She got bored with Dr. Seuss pretty quickly.  My Mathman husband thought, "Well, this will at least put her to sleep," but nooooooo...........she was thrilled. 

This was when our little Firecracker was six.  Now she's eight, and has already read all of the Narnia, Percy Jackson, Little House, and Dork Diaries books. 

We didn't special-order her this way, or do anything to "foster a love of reading," except be fans of good books ourselves.   Now, we can hardly keep up with her voracious appetite for more stories. And [wipes away a tear] she's started writing her own.

Any book suggestions for a third grader who reads at a high school level???


  1. This was me as a kid! I read everything in the house, including my parent's books on raising children… Needless to say they were not pleased about that! I would encourage as many classics as possible: Dickens, Shakespeare, and the like. Please be aware of what is in the books your daughter is reading! I was unfortunately drawn into the realm of erotica at age ten because of my voracious need to read and completely innocent curiosity, and it deeply scarred my heart. I see that your profile identifies you as a christian, therefore I implore you, guard her heart and mind! She will be grateful for it later, and as long as you keep her satisfied with good books, she will never miss out on the bad stuff. Also, anything recommended by the Sonlight curriculum is fair game. The stories are normally very well written, as well as highly educational regarding history of each time period. Good luck! I know personally the difficulties of being a female INTJ, and wish you and your daughter the best!

  2. I completely agree, Chloe! Thanks so much for sharing that, because I too was drawn to erotica at an early age. I actually didn't read novels for a few YEARS, even though I was a fiction writing major, because I never knew when something so sexually explicit or disturbingly violent was going to cross my path. With the exception of a couple of thriller novels that were written by friends, we have *no* erotica in the house at all. I know that won't be enough to guard her heart/mind until she's old enough to know what's best for her, but it IS on our radar screen. Thanks so much for sharing. Oh, and she DID get into my college poetry books last night!!! I was at worship team practice, and her Daddy sent me a picture of her reading "George Herbert and the 17th Century Religious poets." Dude...that's just crazy!!! (BTW: she's an ENTJ, daddy is an INTJ, my five year old is an ISFP, and the Insomniac Wonder Toddler is probably ENFx, but we're not entirely sure yet.)