Tuesday, March 20, 2012

A Tumbling ENTJ

Yesterday, I got a CALL FROM THE SCHOOL! I thought, "Oh no! Either the Firecracker has broken her arm, or there was some sort of early dismissal that I forgot about (again), and she's been waiting for me for two hours!" 

Oh no.  It was even better. 

My daughter, my precious one, my Firecracker,  my little ENTJ, had gone to the office to request that SOMEONE CALL HER MOTHER because there was a Tumbling class after school, and she was supposed to be in it. I needed to be there in five minutes with twenty-five dollars, a signed permission slip, and some gym clothes. 

She's six.

I was driving on the highway beside The Firecracker's school as her secretary is telling me this.  I might have had a little trouble understanding...after all, I had just taken Baby Chaos Theory to the doctor because she'd kept me up most of the previous night, screaming her tiny little lungs out.  (The doctor's prognosis? "Your guess is as good as mine.")  I wracked my sleepy ADD-brain trying to think of WHEN the Firecracker had told me about Tumbling Class....

(Cue the Dream Music...)

"Hey Mom! Mrs. Liebhardt is teaching a Tumbling Class again this year!"
(Baby Chaos theory blows out her diaper)
"Oh, that's great honey!"

Now, at the time, I was actually thinking, "Oh great, I hope she can do that class, I think she'll enjoy it, now where's the Desitin?  Are we out of diapers again?  Ooooh....time to change the baby's clothes...ewww!"
In her mind, I said yes!

On the one hand, I'm thrilled that she took the initiative.  I gave her $25 from my little Dave Ramsey cash envelope system, signed a permission slip, and told her teacher she'd have to "tumble" in regular clothes today, because class would be over by the time I got back with the gym outfit. 

On the other hand, we're going to have a talk about what "Yes," actually sounds like....

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