Monday, March 12, 2012

One more dig--working out.

I learned a new word: fitspo.  (Yes, it's an actual word.  It's kind've related to doubleplusgood.)  A fitspo is a fitness inspirational photo, and during my 40-day Facebook fast, I started collecting fitspos on Pinterest.  <--This whole sentence is kind've wacky, since both the words and the activities didn't actually exist ten years ago.  Strange. 

Anyway, I'll write about the 40 day Facebook fast soon. This particular fitspo challenged me to think outside the box a bit:
That baby will learn to count to ten quicker than mine, I guarantee it!
The constant excuse for being overweight in our culture is, "Well, I had kids!"  I've used that excuse myself, and hated it. 

Even worse is the dynamic excuse duo: money and weather. "Well, I can't afford a gym membership, and it's ten degrees below zero outside!"  If nothing else, this fitspo challenged me to think around my excuses, and find a way to make exercise a part of my life. 

This morning, I took a baby step towards actually getting in shape:

And now the baby's awake and screaming her little head off, so I'm glad I got it in! :)

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