Wednesday, February 5, 2014

"If you give an INTJ a chore..."

If you give an INTJ a chore, he'll ask you to be more specific. You specify the kitchen. He'll narrow his focus to the dishes.

He'll want to make out a detailed action plan for accomplishing that chore.

After making that plan, he'll realize he didn't account for a couple of contingencies

So he'll develop contingency plans...49 of them.

While he's developing the plans, he'll realize, “This could be much better organized with a spreadsheet and a mind-mapping tool!”

So of course he'll have to look for some free mind-mapping software.

While he looks for the software, Linux crashes. So he re-installs Linux.

After Linux is fixed, he resumes his search for the free mind-mapping software. He finds four different types, then has to narrow it down to the most efficient, but feature-rich, and scriptable program.

After choosing a program, he works on the first three mind-maps, before realizing it's a repetitive boring chore. So, he decides to write a Python script to generate maps more efficiently.

Which means he'll need to review class-based coding techniques.

Satisfied that he has mastered Python's class implementation, he proceeds to write the script.

While writing the script, he has a great new idea for improving his Geogebra workshop. He reprograms his workshop, changes the powerpoint presentation, records his lecture, and sends it to his collegues for review.

But suddenly is distracted by his ENFP wife, showing him her latest bulletin board on Pinterest, with great designs for their kitchen remodel.

They spend the next hour dreaming about the perfect kitchen design, and planning out the finances and steps for the next year's household projects.

Suddenly, they realize they're hungry. But before they can cook, they have to have the non-stick skillet. 
 In order to get the non-stick skillet—the INTJ has to do the dishes.