Sunday, March 3, 2013

Heartland Lexington's First Sunday in Our New Building

After ten years of setting up church each week in a local high school (then tearing it all down again, and doing it all over again the next week) Heartland Church moved into their new building today.  

We were all a little excited. ;) 

My sincerest apologies to Alec Feazel.  He was in the shadows for most of the set, and the only pics I could get of him were during practice.  He still rocked. :)

The Gurney's. :)

Our pastor, Andy Vallance, stands up and says, "Welcome Home."

Campbell Kate Schurig (in the plaid dress) led several of her friends in dancing in the aisles.  My deeeeeepest apologies to her mother, Nancy, for not getting more pics of this awesomeness.

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